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Our Work

We are excited to announce we are building our first outdoor greenhouse. It has been a dream and a huge endeavor that we would like to keep you all updated on. We hope to have her up and running within the next three to six months. Join us on our journey of expansion and adventure.  



Laying the Foundation

As the saying goes, "You have to build from the ground up." We have cleared the area for the greenhouse and laid the tarp. From here we will dig holes for the support beams and posts. 


Hammering In Posts

This was a level 10 arm workout. It was fun to get to utilize the Post Driving. As the hubby says, "Any day with power tools, is a good day." We have all the posts down and have started bending the arches for the greenhouse. 



Arches are Up

Life happens and we had to start over from scratch. It didn't stop our little seedlings from aiming to be overachievers. So excited to be near the finish line. 


Change is on the Horizon

We started in Raleigh and now the journey takes us to Durham, NC. 

Greenhouse Complete


And We're Growing

We currently have Summer Crisp- Muir growing in our newly completed greenhouse. I'm so proud of all our hard work. We would like to especially thank our parents and all the people that continued to support us through this amazing and challenging transition. 

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